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I Ching 56 • The Stranger

A petty stranger with petty motives stays at the inn with his loyal retinue. Deserted by his friends, he burns down the inn. A wandering woodcutter settles here but seems uneasy. He shoots a pheasant, exchanges arrows for praise. He kindles his fire with the bird’s nest. Joy to the fire but undermines the man. He loses his composure.

Your life is an odyssey. Perhaps you are a sexual nomad. Enlightenment for you is not a final revelation.

unknown words from bookmarks:
persona grata; bel esprit; shirk; kilroy; cunctation; aoudad

I Ching 8 • Seeking Union

Sincerely seeking union. Instinctively seeking union. The highest example of seeking union: the king urges the hunt only on three sides; the game escapes before him. His people join in his example. He seeks union but has not even taken the first step.

You are the creation of a culture, society and family. Your individuality owes its existence to the community. There is a third entity in every pair; that is we. As long as you don’t recognize every man as your brother — you will not find it.

unknown words from bookmarks:
meliorism; folie á deux; ecumenism; nisus; kith; quiddity

I Ching 31 • Tension

Wiggling the big toe. Flexing the calves. Flexing the thighs, impatiently waiting in line. Twitching all over. Only people who know the man are influenced by him. The back is rigid. The tongue wags.

You alone have the ability to act, therefore you hold all the power. The passive submits to the active; at the same time, the active subordinates its activity to the passive. You must subordinate your life to your spiritual practice.

unknown words from bookmarks:
aorist; kenosis; jussive; bhakti; diaphoresis; equipose 

I Ching 49 • Revolution

In his own time he makes a radical change. He changes boldly like the tiger changes his stripes. He changes subtly like the leopard changes his spots. Smaller men change their faces to show obedience.

Change is eternal and relentless. Learn to distinguish between the real revolution and its empty mimic. Trust your uncomplicated philosophy of life. This way, great changes occurring throughout the world will be small and insignificant.

unknown words from bookmarks:
praxis; oestrus; skookum; torsibility; tohubohu; rejigger

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